2017 Resolution

I drafted this new year resolution on the plane. Looking forwards to a fruitful year!

Professional Skills

  • Write at least 5 blog posts on method and principle for real world technical problem solving.
  • Finish a Machine Learning / Deep learning related course
  • Investigate 5 & Master 1 Open-Source Machine Learning Libraries
  • Build a strong team – a team that is capable to deliver high quality product, that is self driven and motivated, that is with high reputation.

Decision to work on AI was encouraged by performance of AlphaGo and Libratus in 2016. They draw an impressive picture for us and I am pretty sure that AI would be our next tipping point. I’m already late, but it’s still the best time to start now.


Since I moved out and have more time to practise instrument playing, I make very aggressive goals on music this year.

  • Produce 2 Songs (not necessarily original) & Design the cover for them
  • Practice the first half of “66 drum set training”
  • Practice the first half of “Berkley A Modern Method for Guitar : Volume 1”
  • Get in touch with a new instrument and be able to play a simple melody (I guess violin or villa be a good choice, but I finally choose electric guitar and hopefully I am able to play some punk next year)


Physical happiness guarantee everything!

  • Get Level 7 on Keep
  • Generate 6 packs
  • Swim 40000 m
  • Practise butterfly and be able to swim 100m without exhaustion
  • Capable to ski on Nanshan’s medium tracks. (Achieved)


  • Get 100K RMB non-salary income


  • Sleep before 12:30 am on weekday (Failed)


  • Pay a visit to Iceland!