Recommended workflows in Alfred

Finally I purchase Alfred for workflows.

A Workflow is a combination of actions, and the killer feature in Alfred powerpack. In Alfred, we can import existing workflows or create our own workflows – to run a series of actions, which will dramatcially improve productivity.

My workflow lists

Before writing this post, I spent about half an hour on Alfred Workflows to go through all existing workflows based on the AlfredWorkflow repo by hzlzh and select following workflows as enhancement of Alfred.

There is another workflow repo by @zenorocha.

And here’s my lists.

Workflows usage
Add-task-to-Things Use “task” to add task into Things.
Adium Use “im {User}” to search online User in Adium
AlfredTweet-2 Use “tweet” to send tweets
Baidu-Map Use “bmap” to locate
Baidu_Search Use “bd” to search on baidu
Dash Use “dash” to search libaray/methods in Dash
Dianping Use “dianping {merchants}” to search merchants
Douban Use “book / movie / music” to search items on
Drop-in-Pocket Use “pocket {URL}” to save webpage into pocket
Eject Use “eject” to eject all ejectable devices
Evernote Use “en {item}” to search item in evernote. Use “ennew” to create new note in evernote.
Kill+Process Use “kill {process name}” to kill a process
Maven Use “mvn” to find packges in maven
NPM-Search Use “npm” to search node modules
Node.js-docs Use “nodejs” to locate node libraris
Open-Airdrop Use “airdrop” to activate Airdrop
pm2.5-alfred Use “pm2.5 to search pm2.5 index”. (But seems using a restricted API )
stackoverflow Use “st” to search stuffs in stack overflow
zhihu Use “zh” to search quesiton or people in zhihu, Use “zhdaily” to search in zhihu Daily
有道翻译 Use “yd {terms}” to search translation

Install workflows

double click the workflows downloaded.

Some other tricks on Alfred

  • Use it as a calculator. e.g. 3*2
  • advance calculator could be run started with =. e.g. “=log(3)” or “=sin(1)”
  • Use “> {command}” to run command in terminal.
  • You could also setup which terminal to use {Terminal/iTerms}

I will update how many time I have been saved using Alfred later :)